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New icon!

I decided that sleep was not needed tonight. Well, I didn't so much decide as I looked out the window and the sun was out. Whoops.

Things have been all over the place, so much so that I'm too overwhelmed to sit down and update, I guess. 

I watched some old episodes of Rocko's Modern Life on YouTube today. (Hmmm...maybe that's why I didn't get my Philosophy assignment done till...say...5.30 am?) Did you know that Norbert the turtle's last name was Shellbach?! Can you say  genius? Because I can. And it's pronounced Nickelodeon. 

Oh, I'm working a J.Crew now. Yeah, I know, shut up. It's good money, the people are nice, I get a discount on all things cashmere, and I'm working in New York City. Did I mention the cashmere? 

Grades are going ok so far, surprisingly. It seems the less effort and thought I put into my homework, the better my grades get. Then again, that's probably not true and it's going to bite me hard in the ass at the end of the semester. My classes are all pretty great though, as far as what I'm learning. I have a few great teachers...except for Chemistry which is just...well...let's just say I'm not very science minded. History, Critical Writing, and Philosophy are all very interesting, and I'm excited to be learning. Which is the whole point of higher education, in my opinion.

The Fordham University Knitters and Crocheters (FUKC) meet for the first time this Tuesday! I printed my flyers (20 dollars for copies at Staples!!!) and hung most of them yesterday. I hope it goes ok, that people come, that I have enough supplies. Spreading the wooly goodness.

What else? I'm pretty gross, my room is messy, I'm not feeling too wonderful all around. But I'm trying to avoid thinking about it. Mainly by procrastinating like a fiend and watching cartoons on YouTube. 

Time for a shower and then some reading and then actually getting to my German class on time...which is rare.


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If ONE more person tells me "hey, you look tired!"...somebody is going to get a swift kick in the shins. I hate it when people say that, hate it hate it hate it.
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Hey, wow, look at that. It's 5:40 in the morning and I'm still awake. HAHAHAHAHA. 

Definitely should have done this History paper earlier...but you know, those Puritan/Indian relations are just so exciting that I wanted to save it up for the last minute. Because it's just that much fun.

At least it's a rough draft.

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Guten Tag, everybody.

I haven't updated in a while, probably because a lot has been happening and I'm too lazy to figure out what to say. The first few weeks of school have gone well, so far as making friends and stuff. I've meet some great girls that I really like hanging out with, and that has been a huge help. Met some not so great people, but that's ok too. 

Classes are pretty stressful, which is my own fault- I'm leaving everything to the last minute. It's so hard to just settle down and work, and I'm having a hard time getting myself to do anything productive. I mean, shit gets done, but it's half-assed and I know I could do better. It's bothering me, because I'm not usually like this. Had my first German test today and I didn't study NEARLY as much as I could have. It wasn't terribly hard, but still...I just feel guilty is all.

This past Friday I went to Brooklyn to see Anne, who I havn't seen in a couple years. She saw me by chance a week or two ago in the Lower West Side- huge fucking city, and we're in the same place at the same time. It was pretty incredible. I had a BLAST at her very hip apartment in Brooklyn. We had Cosmos and played Sex and the City trivia, which I sucked at beacuse...well...I don't watch S&TC. But I got a good buzz, met some cool people, and managed to get back to the Bronx slightly drunk. Hurray for me!

Been going into the city a lot, pretty much every weekend, which I love. I'm starting to really get the hang of the subway, knowing where things are, the neighborhoods and streets. It feels almost normal, but not quite. There's always that huge mess in the back of my head reminding me of who I am and where I've been, and it stops me from ever feeling like I belong where I am at that very moment. Regardless, I'm in love with New York City like never before.

I did the Responsorial Psalm at Sunday mass this past week- my parents listened on the radio and people said I did well, but I don't know. The other underclassmen in the choir are SO good, they've all had voice lessons, and I feel like a Grade A douchebag getting up there and acting like I know what I'm doing.

Still knitting, and can't wait for Rhinebeck. :D

Jess and I went to see Depeche Mode Live In Milan last night in New Rochelle, just a short train ride away from Fordham. We had a BLAST! We met some other fans (one kinda creepy dude and two very nice women who have seen them a million times and I was very very jealous), danced in our seats, DID THE NLMDA ARM WAVE, and sang very loudly all the way back to the train station. <33333

This delightful evening meant I had Depeche on the brain today, and I doodled this during Chemistry this morning. Heh heh, reminds me of high school.

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Oh, and I'm getting sick. BLERGHHH. Sore throat and stuffy nose and headache and just eeyech.

Ok, I have laundry. And homework. I must workworkworkworkwork.


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